• The Jack Benny Show

    1 season

    America's funniest cheapskate appears in four episodes featuring musical performances and celebrity guests.

  • X- The Unheard Music: Silver Edition


    X: The Unheard Music takes a detailed look at the late 70s and 80s LA music scene and focuses on the group that critics had singled out as the leader of the scene.This documentary combines live footage of the band and interviews with the band. Surreal music videos, newsreel footage and vintage te...

  • Hietsuki Bushi


    A traditional Japanese song meets science fiction, future agriculture, teenage story, blip music and eccentric animation in a story of quantum physics across time.

  • I Sogni Che Si Fanno


    A short film project made to promote the first album of Italian musician NonGiovanni.

  • Black Hole


    "Black Hole" is the ghost track of the latest album of the Japanese musician Marter aka Masateru Yamauchi, Finding&Searching (JazzySport 2012).

    The video mixes a wide range of audiovisual techniques. It is the result of a collaboration between the Italian filmmaker Maria Pia Fanigliulo, the Japa...



    The scene takes place in the Mojave Desert, in an aircraft boneyard. A handful of Givenchy garments designed by Riccardo Tisci are lingering in the wasteland, where old planes go to die. The wind blows softly, brushing the sky clean, clashing on the fabric. The clothes seem to be dancing among ca...

  • Happy Camper- Daily Drumbeat


    The Daily Drumbeat is a sunny song but it's lyrics hold a dark threat 'The drumbeat will beat you up'. It inspired studio Job, Joris & Marieke to make a dark and sinister animated music video. The story is set on the rooftops of a big city, where a group of innocent creatures is trying to keep up...

  • No Fun City


    A captivating account of how a city's alternative live music scene is fighting back against losing its music venues due to gentrification, restrictive bylaws and noise complaints. The camera follows as venues are shut down, parties are raided, and musicians resort to playing in illegal venues, DI...

  • I Have Your Heart


    The story of a good girl with a bad heart, and the boy whose death will save her life.

  • Bad Man of Deadwood


    Deadwood is controlled by Ripper's gang that has rendered the Sheriff and the Judge powerless. When Gabby's medicine show featuring Roy arrives they are quickly run out. They join the Laramie Gap gang that is fighting Ripper and when Gabby's inheritance money is stolen they rob the stage to get i...

  • The Yellow Rose of Texas


    Insurance Investigator Roy is looking for Weston and the missing money he supposedly obtained in a robbery. When he catches him and listens to his story, he changes his mind about him. A freak accident locates the missing money box and they find the seal unbroken. Roy then announces the box will ...

  • Before We Were Kings


    A look at the link between DJs and Music Therapy. While the DJ is making you throw up your hands and yell at the top of your lungs, they’re also helping you overcome whatever stress life threw your way moments before. Music Therapist are tasked with the responsibility of using music as a “healing...

  • Bronze Buckaroo


    Bob Blake and his boys arrive at Joe Jackson's ranch to find him missing. While Slim cheats Dusty out of his money using ventriloquism and marked cards, Blake tries to find Jackson. Learning that Thorne and his gang hold him prisoner, he and his men trail them. When Thorne's gang gets the drop on...

  • The Man from Music Mountain


    When nasty land developers try to bilk honest ranchers who don't know their land holds lots of gold, Gene puts a stop to it.