The Devotion Project

The Devotion Project

6 Episodes

Inspiring LGBTQ love stories that'll touch your heart - watch all six!

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The Devotion Project
  • The Devotion Project: More Than Ever

    Episode 1

    More Than Ever' is a doc portrait of New Yorkers John Hilton and Bill Campbell, a couple who beat the odds through the decades in order to live an incredible 54-year love story. We revisit their time in the military, their trips abroad, and their latest challenge: coping with Parkinson's. Their s...

  • The Devotion Project: Say Only Yes

    Episode 2

    The Devotion Project: Say Only Yes' features Brian Cantor and Paul Labrecque, chronicling their meeting in London in 1986, the opening of the hugely successful Paul Labrecque Salons in NYC, and the serious obstacles they overcame on their way to getting married on the day of their 25th anniversar...

  • The Devotion Project: Listen from the Heart

    Episode 3

    The Devotion Project: Listen from the Heart', the third film in a series, traces the relationship of Laura Fitch and Jaime Jenett, from their initial meeting and love affair, through the birth of their child, a boy with a heart condition who enriches their lives in ways they could never have imag...

  • The Devotion Project: My Person

    Episode 4

    The Devotion Project: My Person' chronicles the lives of Eric and Anne Plemons, who are raising their daughter Jonah in Oakland, CA. Eric, a trans man, met Anne, a queer woman, in Chicago seven years ago - together they describe their romance, marriage, and the birth of their daughter. They also ...

  • The Devotion Project: Build Your Wings

    Episode 5

    Daniel Pando and Vitor Braga Lara are a young gay couple who met in Ft. Lauderdale as teenagers and have been together eight years. Instantly relatable to young people, they talk us through the adventure of meeting, moving up to NYC, and their very modern take on long-lasting love, including a ve...

  • The Devotion Project: Foremost in my Mind

    Episode 6

    Gail Marquis, an Olympic Medalist (Montreal 1976), met Audrey Smaltz when she was 43 and Smaltz, a former model, was 61. They'd each had other relationships, Marquis with women and Smaltz with men, but until they met it had never 'clicked'. Smaltz, an entrepreneur who works in fashion, didn't mis...